today i discovered an amazing online shop of a brand i had already known via

picture via here
i´m talking about ““, a label which produces divine dresses, skirts and knitwear.
they don´t have mass production, therefore their collections sell out very quick.
and the best thing is – it seems they have free shipping and really aren´t expensive!
it was SO hard to decide on which dresses i want, but finally i couldn´t resist and ordered these babys:

inkwear, as seen on i´m fancy

as seen on native fox

the two dresses above were on sale – 2 for 50 €

all images via
there are a few items i would have loved to order too, but they are sold out already and they put me on waiting list – so hopefully i will get an “item back in stock” notice soon!!!
what would you have picked?


  • Celina

    Das erste Kleid ist toll !!!

  • Katharina

    danke, ich freu mich schon sehr drauf!