Last week my boyfriend and I had our first anniversary and decided to spend the evening at a lovely restaurant in our hometown, Salzburg. 
It has a new tenant and was supposed to have haute cuisine. 
Now I can´t say that we really liked the food, but it wasn´t bad either – just in my opinion it was too expensive for the more or less poor quality they delivered. 
Anyhow, we spent a really nice evening in this beautiful restaurant (the interior is UH-mazing!!!).

Picture via Schmederer
Just a peek of what we had for dinner:

These were our starters (after an amuse-gueule), my bf had beef tartar and I had a frothy rocket soup with a cream cheese tortellini in it.

And of course we exchanged some presents, i got a lovely jewelry heart made of some green, special stone from my babe and i gave him a “porte cartes simple” from Louis Vuitton to carry his credit cards properly.


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