these are some of my last purchases of the month february, but there are still a few items missing in those pictures because i had them in laundry when i took the photos 🙁
but still:
pink blouse from h&m – it gives you a happy spring feeling!

lace shorts – zara 
 close up on the material:

plissée skirt, zara

sunglasses – dsquared, belt and scarf – zara

2 “pliage” bags from longchamp in nice summer colours – love them so much!

dark red trousers from zara (but the true color looks way different than on the picture, in reality it´s more of a red wine color)

see-through, silky shirt from h&m (looks good with a black bra underneath, or – if you are less daring – with a black tube top)

peachy top, zara

nailpolish – anny (gifted from my lovely babe), scarf with lace – h&m

i´m missing a few tops, necklaces and blazers here – but you see, february was a pretty good month shopping wise 🙂
next month i will try to cover up some items from my wishlist!


  • Rebecca Miriam

    jaa, finde ich auch! 🙂 die sachen von zara sind total toll! bin heute in der stadt und werde danach ausschau halten! ggenseitiges verfolgen klingt guuut 😉

    xx, rebecca

  • Rebecca Miriam

    und die jeansbluse war secondhand ;s

    xx, rebecca

  • Katharina

    schade 🙁 ich hätt so gern endlich eine, die richtig passt! muss ich wohl weitersuchen 🙂


  • Joie De Vivre

    Great purchases! Love the lace shorts and the plisee skirt!
    Thanks for commenting and following. I am now following you too!xx

  • mariposa__

    hey 🙂
    ich folge dir jetzt auch 🙂 die dunkelrote hose find ich wunderschön! wieviel hat sie gekostet? 🙂

  • Fabienne

    nice clothes! do you want so follow each other?:)

  • Simone

    amazing picks!! Do you now if there will be a limited spring/summer 2012 pliage edition? Love them too!

  • Katharina

    @ mariposa: die hose hat ungefähr 40 euro gekostet!
    @ fabienne: yes 🙂
    @ simone: yes, there will be a limited edition which consists of the orange bag i got and a pink one! could be, that there will be more coming, but this is what they told me in the store where i got them!

  • Simone

    thank you!

    Btw thanks for your lovely comment! 🙂
    Let’s follow each other, I love your blog- always coming back! 😀