this weekend was so nice and relaxing for us. friday i went for some drinks with my friend and yesterday we went shopping (see last post). in  the evening, my babe and i stayed in, ordered some amazing sushi (which would have been enough for at least 4 people) and watched some dvd´s. today was more or less the same, so my outfit was only something really simple – without any accessories or anything, but nice enough to go for a coffee at my grandparents house.

first time driving with my rooftop open, yay!!!

really good olive oil at the italian restaurant we had lunch at yesterday
best lunch ever: warm bread salad with prosciutto crudo, rocket, sun-dried pickled tomatoes, olives, avocado and parmesan! it´s a quick lunch to do at home as well – just roast the ciabatta bread, insert the rest of the ingredients and warm up everything a little – and there you go! 
sushi party set 🙂

wish you all a nice sunday evening!
p.s. off to budapest tomorrow, be sure to stay updated!

the wonderful coat.



  • Greeklicious

    Hey süße
    Hast einen schönen blog,werde hier häufiger mal vorbeischauen
    Vielleicht magst du dich ja mal bei mir umsehen, ich berichte über alles mögliche und freue mich über jede neue leserin falls dir mein Blog gefällt…ich bin auch deine Leserin geworden
    Liebe Grüße :-*

  • Celina

    Ich mag diese Bluse an dir! Steht dir sehr gut 🙂