my thoughts are always wandering around, thinking about beautiful stuff to purchase. most of the time i forget about them pretty soon, which is really good for my account balance, but some of the things get stuck in my mind and these are some of the things i decided to get myself in the next time for sure:
michael kors oversized horn watch:

sal y limon bangles
(so, so, sooooo cute, but still looking for an online shop since i don´t know where to get them in austria):

picture via purses and i

hunter boots (have to get them before its too warm):

(i wanted it with pink lining so bad, but sadly it´s no longer available in this color and the LV people don´t know if it is going to be produced again – still, it is on my wishlist):
and now you know what i´m working for 🙂

Out East.

DIY Hochzeitseinladungen selber machen

#kandgsayyes: DIY wedding invitations


  • Joie De Vivre

    Great wish list!

    I’ve already got two things from it! xx


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