since monday i´ve been in prague, amazing city but cold as hell. i´m still feeling a little ill and i already know the most important sights of the city, so i decided to go to “palladium” just to do a little shopping.
hotel breakfast room. hotel lobby bar.
palladium is a huge shopping center, just 2 minutes away from my hotel. while strolling around there, walking by the same old shops they seem to have everywhere around europe these days (sorry, but i don´t come to prague just to visit yet another h&m, zara or mango…it´s getting on my nerves that you get the same stuff everywhere!!!), i found an amazing interior and decorating store, 

i discovered it to be the most amazing place for interior and decoration, they have such a great way of styling rooms. they present their stuff in fully equipped and decorated rooms of which i would love to live spend every second of my life in every one.

after that, i went on and SUDDENLY – out of nowhere – like a wonder – in front of me:

my day was saved, my mood went up to super-über-excited, i stormed in just to find out that it was only a miniature edition of the original oxford street topshop – but anyways i´d planned on ordering a few things from their online shop (it´s such a pity, we have every lame store in austria, just no topshop) which i already had in my shopping cart online but wanted to wait with my order. 
i got everything i´d wanted, amazing findings – wait for the next post where i will show you what i got.

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  • Gigi

    better be glad we don’t have topshop over here, otherwise it wouldn’t be that exclusive anymore and become just another “lame shop” :-)))

    PS: love your glasses!
    Bussi Gigi :-*

  • Stefanie

    Hey 🙂 Danke für dein Kommentar!
    Oh Prag, da war ich schon lang nicht mehr… Ich mag die Stadt total gern, hat ihren ganz eigenen Charm!
    Dein Outfit find ich spitze – woher hast du diese schöne Kette?
    Alles Liebe,

  • bringmeamulberrybag

    i love the topshop in oxford stree

  • Madeleine // DariaDaria

    hey! danke für’s verlinken auf der blog-liste 🙂 hast einen wirklich schönen blog, dein stil gefällt mir total gut und die fotos bei diesem post sind obergeil.

  • Stasha

    I miss NY, hope I’ll go there soon! Love your hair, dress and shoes!


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