last week i got a super cute and creative invitation to a fashion event near where i´m living, thanks to a friend who´s working with the company.
i´m talking about s.oliver´s real star which is an event for people who work with the brand such as retailers and are awarded for the good work they are doing the whole year.
the event organizers put a lot of effort into the whole thing, beginning with the invitation itself – that´s such a good idea with the TV and the dress code inside, brings back childhood memories – and they always have awesome show acts and a great program at the real star award. this year they´re sporting a fifties theme and me and my babe (he´s joining me) are thinking about what to wear – any inspirations for me please?
anyway i think it´s a great way to motivate people and i´d love to work for a company that honors the most important people – their staff.



  • la vie quotidienne

    Du bist sehr glücklich meine liebe!! 😉 Es sieht sehr interessant aus!

    xoxo aus München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  • Elsa

    So interesting!

    Out Of The Box

    P.S. Vote on my blog for my avatars new look! Can’t wait to hear your opinion!

  • christian

    that is such a cute invite!

  • Neon Gold

    hübsche einladung!:)

  • Siska

    das sieht ja wirklich total süß aus:)

  • Kultur und Stil

    oh wie toll! ja ich finde es auch wichtig, das firmen zeigen, dass ihnen ihre mitarbeiter wichtig sind. und da hat sich der marketingmensch/die marketingmenschen aber mal mühe gegeben, die einladung ist echt süß!

    xxx Anita