as of now i don´t have much space for my accessories, bags, jewellery and nailpolish in our recent apartment, but thanks to glossybox i can store my things in the very cute boxes the products get delivered in. also, we made our own storage shelf (DIY – BEST PROJECT EVER). as you can see in one of the pictures, we made a “closet” out of old wine boxes. looks very stylish, creates much space and is not very hard to make (also, really inexpensive – only thing is you have to drink loooots of wine to get that many empty boxes).

the good news although are that i will be moving in a new apartment very soon, therefore the focus for interior design will be on creating as much storage space for me and my bf as possible.



  • Andrea

    Die Idee mit den Weinkisten ist echt toll! Das ist nicht nur praktisch sondern macht auch wirklich was her!! Tolles DIY. Ich hab meine Glossybox auch schon zur Nagellacksammelstelle umfunktioniert! 🙂
    Lg, Andrea

  • Ruth Logan

    Haha i’d happily drink lots of wine to get boxes. This idea is amazing, need to do this it might save my jewellery get all tangled!

    Ruth xxxx

  • oomph.

    too cute and creative. I save all my pretty boxes, too…they will come in handy!

  • Aylin | Planes and Pleasures

    Super idee! Ich bewahre meinen Schmuck auch in Laduree boxen auf, die sind so schön 🙂

  • Psycho Cat

    You have so many great jewelry 🙂

  • Clementine

    wow, du hast ja echt super schöne Schmuckstücke dabei und die Idee mit den Weinkisten ist richtig gut.


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