you know what i really love about my birthday this year? it doesn´t seem to end. because i´ve spent my birthday out of town with my babe, i´m now able to meet all the lovely people that are waiting to give me my presents one after another (insert sarcasm at this point), and i still have some people that i´m really looking forward to meet.  last week i had some drinks at tel aviv beach with my dear friends chris and judith and went for an all lace outfit, paired with two blouses in case it might get cold in the evening. well, it actually didn´t and i felt like being somewhere near the equator the whole time.

the wonderful coat.



  • Celina

    Wie gut du hier aussiehst !

  • claude

    I love the simplicity of your sandals!
    enjoy your time, sounds amazing 🙂

    x claude

  • Rocker Chic

    Happy Birthday Pretty Girl,

    You look great I am loving the top and clutch the most!! I soooooooooo want it in my closet.
    Enjoy the rest of your birthday I am sure you will get more presents than you think 😉



  • Psycho Cat

    What a lovely blouse…

    Happy B day and have a nice week.

  • Nicole

    Beautiful outfit! Love the different layers!


  • liesbeth (candyandtreats)

    You look fabulous! Love the top and the idea of wearing two blouses one over another, it looks amazing! <3

  • Rachel

    I love how you annotated the first photo!

  • Julie

    super cute. love it. and I really like lace. <3