babes, while you are reading this i am already far away from my home and spending some quality time with my family in a fantastic city! can you guess where i am from what i´ve packed?

however, i am a huge fan of short city trips and somehow i travel the most during fall. i´ve always been that kind of girl that packs way too much stuff for way too little time. 10 pair of shoes, 3 bags, 5 blazers, 15 tees, 2 dresses and of course 3 different jackets – because one can never know what happens while being away.
to avoid heavy luggage and strained nerves i recommend having a look at my packing list and avoiding the mistakes that i made before!

also, a good tip is to really sort of plan your outfits for every single day and not just throw everything that you see into your suitcase. i´m aware that this is still a long list, but with these basic things you should be fully equipped and able to create some fancy but practical outfits!

p.s.: i´ll tell you where i am pretty soon!

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