As you all know, I moved from Salzburg to Vienna recently. Moving was more work than I thought but I really loved furnishing my apartment and creating my own home for the first time. It seems like I was almost too motivated about decorating, painting and building together furniture in the first few months and slowly my energy dropped. There it was, a big hole that left no power but for chilling on my super big sofa. 
I just needed a little break from my apartment, but now I´m back and ready to finish what I started. Still so many things have to be done and I was looking for inspiration on how to design my entryway or to decorate little, spare corners of my flat. And while the internet offers loads of information and inspiration, there is nothing better and more inspiring out there than a beautiful book. I came along these two below – one about decorating with colors and one about creating unique rooms with a personal touch. I simply love both of them and they already did their job – my inner list of projects for the apartment is growing already again! (want to get them as well? simply click on the titles)

This is how I store my coffeetable books, since my coffeetables aren´t big enough to hold them:


    • Katharina

      I would love to tell you, but it was a gift from my boyfriends mom – they were her´s before, so I really don´t know, so sorry!


      ok dont worry:) i really like them!

  • Psycho Cat

    Great books and your cofeetables are really interesting 🙂

  • eleonora

    Die kleinen durchsichtigen Tische sind ja klasse! Sieht wirklich super aus! Kann man die alle ineinander schieben?

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Carolin.

    Oh wow, das gemalte Buch sieht so toll aus 🙂 Mal was anderes 🙂


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