After commuting between Vienna and Salzburg almost every weekend since I live here, I´m very excited to spend the next two days in town. Me and my babe have lots of fun things planned, including a dinner at famous “Kim kocht” (we´ve been on the waitlist for 4 months until we got this table), 
a party at Kattus champagne producer, a shopping spree at the designer outlet in Parndorf and some drinks/dinner with our closest friends at Figls. Since Vicky is not only my friend but my bad conscious as well and has the self discipline of a soldier when it comes to doing sports (see her post about running outdoors in winter here), I´m planning to get some thermo sportswear at the Nike or Adidas outlet and maybe we´ll visit Michael Kors and Diesel as well 🙂 What are your plans for this weekend? Looking forward to something as well?


  • Tatjana

    Das hört sich nach einem tollen Wochenende an. 🙂 Viel Spaß.

  • claude

    This weekend I decided to stay in Brussels to study, so that when exams are coming I don’t have to stress as much as last year.. so my weekend won’t be as much fun as yours
    Have a good one!:)

    hugs from Brussels

  • Anonymous

    Sieht nach einem tollen Wochenende aus. Ich werde Mal wieder nur lernen da nächste woche ein paar Prüfungen anstehen. Sag mal mit was für einem Programm hast du diese Collage gemacht und was sind das für tolle Schriften die du da verwendest?

    Liebe Grüße


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