One of my newest addictions is definitely Etsy. I browse through those cute little shops almost everyday, always on the hunt for new gems, be it for the apartment or jewellery or anything else one can think of. 
On the pics below you see my latest findings of my favorite Etsy stores. The chain necklace with the rhinestones I´m most proud of because I literally sat in front of my computer for an hour, waiting for Jenn (the store owner) to update her shop with new necklaces and then finally bought my “Audrey” the minute it got online – and 5 minutes later, the shop was completely sold out again. I follow Jenn and her “Ell and Emm” shop on instagram (Jenn5716), therefore I knew I had to be fast if I wanted to catch one of her beauuuuutiful necklaces – girls all over the world commented on her pics and set their alarm clock in the middle of the night just to wake up and finally get their own Audrey when Jenn put them online. Lucky me, I guess 🙂
Then there are my precious matchboxes from the Etsy store “Annechovie”. They also sell amazing prints and pillows, have a look! Finally, my latest addition to my Etsy collection is the acrylic tray with a pink and gold glitter chevron pattern. It was a limited edition by the shop “Tilly Maison” and it´s perfect for displaying jewellery or other fine objects such as candles or nailpolish.
Here is the complete list of my favorite stores on Etsy:
1. For prints, pillows and matchboxes: Annechovie
2. For amazing jewellery: Ell and Emm
3. For acrylic trays: Tilly Maison
4. For bracelets: Oia Jules
5. For blog designs: Studio 650
6. For delicate wishbone necklaces: Bluegrassloft
7. For the cutest bow rings: Apple Latte
8. For amazing bracelets and trays: The Way We Are


  • Dea

    Amazing shops! Thanks for the recommendations! <3

  • Nowhere Girl

    Voll schön! Ich liebe es wie du die Sachen immer dekorierst!

    LG Laurenzia

  • Marianne

    etsy macht so süchtig!
    wunderschöne dinge hast du dir wieder ausgesucht, vielen dank für all die links! 🙂

  • vicky h.

    du bist echt die beste im etsy juwelen finden <3

  • Lisa

    die kette ist echt schön <3

  • Jenni♥

    Danke für dein liebes Kommentar (:
    Mittlerweile versucht der Schnee auf dem Boden wegzuschmelzen, was bei den Temperaturen aber nicht so einfach erscheint und immer wieder nach schneit.. also ist das eine hässliche Mischung aus Match, Schnee und Wasser…

    das hört sich toll an, dann wünsche ich dir und deine Familie ein fröhliches Weihnachtsfest (:

    liebste Grüße, Jenni!
    PS: dein Blog ist echt süß! (:

  • Anonymous

    Hi mein schönes Mädchen, schaut ja alles sehr toll aus! Und Mina und unser Esszimmer, kaum wieder zu erkennen!Bin richtig stolz auf dich!


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