It wouldn´t be Christmas without a wishlist. Normally, this wishlist should be addressed to the Christ Child, but maybe exactly that is under one of my lovely readers – or at least I hope so 🙂
I admit that I have pretty expensive wishes, but there is a reason for the existance of the word WISH, right?
1. Headphones by Wearefrends: that´s pure tech-perfection! Never seen any headphones that beautiful!
2. Studded Rucksack by MCM: a classic beauty in a new design – perfect for travelling or shopping!
3. Rain drop mirror by Neiman Marcus: I soooooo want one for my entrance or above my dresser!
4. Dishwasher by Elektra Bregenz: *Cough*, no I didn´t own a dishwasher until now – but my parents were kind enough to fulfill this wish already – no more dish washing by hand, YEAH!
5. Insolite Wallet in pink by Louis Vuitton: this one has been sold out for over a year and now it´s no longer being produced – dear Santa, dear Christkind, dear Boyfriend, dear whoever nice person out there, PLEASE get me this wallet somehow – you know Ebay, right?
6. Wine Country candle by Woodwick via Westwing: it is actually on sale on Westwing right now, only for the next three days, but I couldn´t bring myself to order a candle for 40 Euros right before Christmas (even if it smells like Merlot).
Mom, Dad, Girlfriends, BF, if you are reading this and don´t have anything for me yet – how about this one? And babe, anniversary is coming up soon anyways 🙂
7. White and Pink Taxidermy via Etsy: also a nice decoration element for the entryway, only saw it right before creating this collage and instantly fell in love!
8. Toggle Heart Necklace by Tiffany: this has been on my wishlist for sooooo long, if I don´t get it this year, I´ll go get it myself! Hmpf!

Out East.

DIY Hochzeitseinladungen selber machen

#kandgsayyes: DIY wedding invitations


  • Citrus - Refreshing Fashion

    il take 5, 3, 7 …all of them!

    XO Meghan

  • Veronika

    Nice wishlist! 3,5,8 are my tips!

  • Anonymous

    i´ll take 1 and 2…thx! 🙂 xoxo Judith

  • Psycho Cat

    Oh, I want number 7 too 🙂

  • Mary

    I’d die for that wallet! Nice list! 😉 Mary


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