This is an outfit I wore last week when we all (I also like to say “the Gang” even though we are not very “gangish” at all haha) met up at Vicky´s place to eat Sushi and watch the Opernball together.

In a complete contrast to the elegant gowns on the television, I wanted to dress up as cozy as I could for my TV night with my best friends (and boyfriends, this time they were all invited – how kind of us, right?), so this is how it turned out. Vicky was nice enough to snap some photos between Sushi and the start of the Opernball, thanks honey!
I am completely and utterly smitten by my new, neon pink, super soft sweater from Zara – it was one of the last sale pieces and I snatched it for only 14 €, same goes for the black beanie, 6 € – can you imagine how happy I was? And please excuse my tired looks but it was a long working day that Thursday, which was also the reason why I felt like wearing something super comfy!

Beanie, Sweater, Coat, Pants: Zara
Shoes: New Yorker (old)
Watch: Michael Kors

the wonderful coat.