Those who are following me on Instagram already saw that I ordered and received another great coffee table book, Kate Spade´s anniversary book “Things we love“.

Kate Spade New York is celebrating her 20th birthday and collected a variety of things that inspired her over the past two decades. Now she put it all together in this colorful book and trust me, it´s worth looking at it or even buying it for your own coffee table – it instantly colors up your life and leaves you with a happy feeling when finished.
Normally, Kate Spade doesn´t ship to Austra but luckily, this book is also available on Amazon.

Happy weekend guys!


  • vicky h.

    ahhh jetzt freu ich mich grad sooo wenn meins endlich ankommt!!!


  • Fabelimo

    Das Tablett ist so schön! Wo hast du ihn her? will mir auch so einen holen

    • Katharina

      hey, das tablett war aus einem westwing sale – halt die augen offen, vielleicht kommt es ja nochmal!

  • Siena in Style

    I love this book and how you decorated your space!:)good job
    kisses from Milano

  • Victoria

    Hi! Where did you get the tray from?

    • Katharina

      hi victoria, the tray is from westwing – maybe they´ll bring it back sometime!


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