it was around lunchtime when we arrived at the airport in barcelona last thursday, the sun was shining and it was warm – what a good start. but just when we left our hotel after check-in, it started raining cats and dogs. so we hurried up to meet my aunt and uncle who were already waiting for us at the amazing mercat de santa caterina – but we got soaking wet anyways (mainly because i was certain that rain in spain couldn´t last longer than 5 minutes and persuaded the others that we didn´t need an umbrella at all…that didn´t go very well!). and since the weather really wasn´t nice at all, we spent the entire first afternoon at a lovely tapas bar inside the market hall, tasting through the different kinds of tapas, cavas and wines, watching all the people around us buying fresh fish, meat and vegetables. here are some impressions of the mercat de santa caterina:

fruit and herbs:
the bar where we spent our time:

super fresh fish

all kinds of vegetables

yummy peppers

fresh juice

all kinds of olives

best rioja i ever had



even more fruits

beautiful vintage flacon that we saw on our way home

travel diary:

travel guide:



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